Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October Updates!

A lot is happening at Seasons!

Most have you have come by our great big new store on the Heart & Sole sim. I hope you picked up the opening gift! If you haven't, it will be at the store through November 1.

The store continues to evolve as we get settled in. One of the best additions this month has been our photo series for the four collections.

Our Autumn model Leila Kira is vamped out for the Halloween collection(you saw her in the Autumn Collection catalog released last week), and then there's Xosha Zeid for Spring, Ishi Karu for Winter, and Caecilia Ceriano for Summer. They will continue to serve as the face of our collections throughout 2010! You can see more of these photos in store.

In October we have two hunts in the store!

The Myths & Legends Hunt starts tomorrow. You can grab the starting LM from the sign in front of my store. For this hunt I'll be releasing an *exclusive* piece I've titled Persephone's Progress. Sterling silver beading carries a sterling silver pomegranate decorated with tiny ruby pomegranate seeds. You won't see this item for sale in the store, so make sure to come by and grab it during the hunt!

The other hunt going on this month is the 2009 Gridwide Halloween Hunt. This hunt runs a little differently- ALL the hunt locations are available through the kiosk at each store. They will be running a Halloween party on the 31st, details are in the kiosk too! For this hunt I'll be releasing one of my Victorian Halloween pendant necklaces called Halloween Time. On 11/01 we'll have a special Halloween Sale, where the other two Victorian Halloween items will be available. Mark your calendar!

In November there are several hunts, for which I'll be releasing special pieces that correspond with some of the items already available in store. Make sure to return back to see the release of the Seasons: Eternity Collection, a set of 12 engagement and wedding ring sets themed to the 12 months of the year and their corresponding birthstones. Here's a sneak peak!

Above you can see the engagement bands from the following sets, in order: March, January, February, and April.

Thanks everyone for your continued support- happy October, and have a fantastic Halloween!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lookie What I Did!

I've been super hard at work the last few days, ignoring ALL my RL responsibilities in the excitement of Autumn. Sure our first round of the Autumn Collection was released, and it's way early to be letting out a Halloween set, but I just can't help myself, the holiday gets me going!

So here's a sloppy layout of what I've come up with in the last few days. Some Victorian Halloween lockets, a beautiful dark amethyst heart pendant, that adorable ouija board necklace(I just updated to these hypergems you just HAVE to see. It doesn't show up in the picture, but that little orange blob is one of them. So sparkly!!!) And the grey smudge is a large cabochon ring etched with a *gasp* skeletal hand...

And that's just a smidge of what I've got going for the Halloween collection! Definitely stayed tuned.

Other updates: Don't forget to get an LM to the Jewelry Fair(starts on the 18th!) at my location in Wayland, and tap the new Midnight Mania while you're there. I'm releasing one of my starter pieces, Moss & Metal.

Happy Autumn!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We're In Business!

This little corner of a sim is charmingly set up to look like a harbor, complete with a lighthouse. The first pieces of the Autumn Collection are on display, as well as the subscribo. You can see me sitting on the front steps there and the blob to my right is... our first event!

Eolande was kind enough to tuck me in on the vendor list at the very last minute. Me and my little booth will be there, and I'll be selling my items at a 20% discount. Make sure to come by!

In the next few days I'll be detailing some of the jewelry designers who have inspired me the most and who by example have led me into the jewelry business in Second Life- Eolande and her fantastic store is definitely one of them.

With that I'd say we're off to a good start. Thank you to Bijoux LeFavre and Maia Humphreys at Heart & Sole for their advice and support. I look forward to working with you soon!