Monday, September 14, 2009

Lookie What I Did!

I've been super hard at work the last few days, ignoring ALL my RL responsibilities in the excitement of Autumn. Sure our first round of the Autumn Collection was released, and it's way early to be letting out a Halloween set, but I just can't help myself, the holiday gets me going!

So here's a sloppy layout of what I've come up with in the last few days. Some Victorian Halloween lockets, a beautiful dark amethyst heart pendant, that adorable ouija board necklace(I just updated to these hypergems you just HAVE to see. It doesn't show up in the picture, but that little orange blob is one of them. So sparkly!!!) And the grey smudge is a large cabochon ring etched with a *gasp* skeletal hand...

And that's just a smidge of what I've got going for the Halloween collection! Definitely stayed tuned.

Other updates: Don't forget to get an LM to the Jewelry Fair(starts on the 18th!) at my location in Wayland, and tap the new Midnight Mania while you're there. I'm releasing one of my starter pieces, Moss & Metal.

Happy Autumn!

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